How I Welcome Autumn Coming


Hi guys, good to see you again! In the UK autumn seems to come early, and the temperature varies so much between day and night. I love this season, for its fine and warm sunshine and gentle breeze blowing off leaves. This is the time for waking up our clothing personalities and mixing & matching our styles. Don’t forget elegance is a word for women. 

Deep and warm colour is always a superb option for autumn. This dark green dress from Zara is the first harvest that I reaped this autumn. It has an open side and high neck design, with a mixture of fashion elements from both chirpaur/cheongsam and royal style. I selected two different kinds of shoes for the dress and some simple accessories. Wearing geometric accessories has become one of the most prevalent trends this year. The elongated squiggle earrings from Holly Ryan has a simple style but all-match design. The Cluse’s watch has a brilliant combination of gold and black colours with a comfortable design for a casual look, with its gold strap perfectly matches the earrings.

No matter what you dress, being confident is always the big thing.


Hi, 我们又在这里“见面”了! 英国的秋天似乎来得早一些,早晚温差好大。现在是乱穿衣的季节,也是我最喜欢的季节。 告别酷暑,初秋的天气可以让人没有顾虑的迈出大门。有阳光的暖意,也有风吹的凉爽。这应该是被唤醒的好时候。沉稳的颜色搭配优雅的秋天再合适不过了。女人任何时候优雅一点都不会出错(虽然我没办法时时这样 :D)。 Zara这件墨绿色连衣长裙是我今年秋天购入的第一件新品。侧开礼服式剪裁+纽扣半高领的设计,多了一些中国旗袍的元素。泡泡袖又透出欧洲宫廷的味道。这的确是一个混搭的时代!我搭配了两种完全不同风格的鞋(事实上我有时也真的会穿一双带一双)。看心情,谁让我是一个天性随性多变的人呢。至于配饰,简单又不失亮点就好。今年特别流行简约的几何图形。Holly Ryan的耳环刮起一阵风。简单大气,“上得厅堂下得厨房”(我的意思是很百搭)。Cluse这款黑金搭配的手表也是不会出错款。金色的腕带和刚好配的上耳环的颜色。这些看似优雅的单品拼凑在一起并不让人拘谨。其实无论穿什么,内心的从容永远是无可替代的盛装!

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  • Natalie
    October 19, 2017

    Really great outfits, I love how you are so creative with your fashion choices.

  • Elien Chen
    October 19, 2017


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