Size of Parka

One of my favourite clothes during my highschool days was a light-blue cotton plaid shirt in my grandma's wardrobe. She was rotund and of cource the size of her clothes was too large for me. I always made excuses to borrow it, and finally, I owned it :). I loved looking myself in the mirror when wearing it - comfortable, free and breezy. The comfiest thing is to choose a right outfit. Ever since then, "Bigger than once" has become a part of my style.

Parka coat must be one of the best choices for people from teenager to the middle-aged and maybe also for the old-aged. It's smart, comfy, easy to wear and easy to clean. I really can not find a reason to knock it out. In the 1950s, American soldiers used Parka coat invented by Eskimo people as their uniforms. In the 60s Parka was worshiped by mods in Britain. Nowadays, every year lots of brands have new-season designed Parka for sale.


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