Over Blue


part from H&M Designer Collaboration in every September, my favourite catalogues when shopping in H&M are H&M Home, nail polish and H&M Premium Quality. If you don't have a shopping plan but just want to browse in stores, you gotta take care of your credit card and stay away from them. Otherwise you will be queueing at the till!However, if I remember correctly, I have never been able to keep my purse intact.

This blue-white porcelain patterned dress is another out-of-plan shopping booty. I always believe that there is some kind of magic behind clothes that can change one's personal disposition and attribute. With casual style, you feel loose and comfy. Dressed in formal, you will have a sense of mission. Wearing hot mini skirt, you are exuding confidence and sexiness and with full dress you must look gorgeous and elegant. I like choosing my clothes in different styles (a Gemini always keeps looking for new stuff!). 

This stunning pattern is full of oriental charm. It is a good choice for concerts, ceremonies or dancing parties. My special love on it is the well-designed pockets. I like putting my hands in them. That's right, a smarter look. A couple of years ago, my parents moved from an inland city to a coastal city and that was an absolute right choice -- not many people can resist the temptation of seas. Such coastal cities are one of the best legacies from our ancestor and of course, this blue dress also represents my yearning of seas.


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