Not Just A Dot

All the Eternal Love I Have For the Pumpkins


           Pumpkin is an eternal love of Yayoi Kusama. For her,

            it means nostalgia. Walking in the mirror room with pumpkins

           in the centre, I feel like lost in a spaceless pumpkin-universe.

My first impression when I saw the word "polka" was that it's a kind of dance music. Don't be confused. This is still a fashion blog but not a music channel. If there is a women's questionnaire:

1, Have you had a dot-patterned pinny?

2, Have you ever worn a dot-patterned swimsuit?

3, Have you had a dot-patterned umbrella?

4, Have you had any clothes with a dot-pattern?

5, Have you ever played any dot-patterned toys?


It's quite predictable that 85% of the answers would be "Yes, I have.". That's it! That is Polka Dot. We all ever got influenced by the design.

A dot used to be just an ordinary, simple shape for me until I knew Yayoi Kusama. She broadened my horizon on dots. I was right, polka dot did originate from folk music in Czech Republic in the 1830s. When people dance, they look like drifting dots when viewed from the top because of the special rhythm and steps. Yayoi Kusama has parised the power of such dots:

(how admiring!)

The exciting moment has finally come! Yayoi Kusama's works are now exhibited in the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.


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