Annie Zuo, a visual creator who originally majored in Composition in Vienna Conservatory of Music. After years of study in classic and modern art, alongside the love of vision, she became a creative photographer and stylist. Based in the UK but traveling worldwide, she aims to deliver spirits, lifestyles, and diverse cultures through her works.


Annie Zuo, 艺术执导,摄影师。曾就读于维也纳音乐学院作曲专业。多年古典艺术及现代艺术的熏陶培养,和对视觉的热爱,使她毕业后转型为摄影师兼造型师。致力于通过多元的创作风格,展现一种精神意境,生活方式,以及世界文化。目前定居英国,常飞往世界各地进行时尚,风景及品牌文化的创意性拍摄。